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14 December 2018
PR Newswire
DPD Sergeant Demetrick Pennie Hosts 4th Annual Police Survivors' Dinner
25 August 2018
Tactical Business
Dallas Police Sergeant defends Trump, Foundation and Truth
17 August 2018
Sgt. Demetrick Pennie
Sergeant/Dr. Demetrick Pennie’s Rebuttal to the Libelous Dallas Morning News Story
18 July 2018
The Blue Magazine
Social Media’s Threat to Law Enforcement - By Demetrick Pennie, M.A., Ed.D.
7 July 2018
The Hill
Dallas Police attack déjà vu - By Demetrick Pennie and Eric Feinberg
3 May 2018
Telemundo 39 Dallas
VIDEO (Spanish): Reportaje especial: Terrorismo y redes sociales (Special report: Terrorism and social networks)
20 Feb 2018
WLS 890-AM
Sgt. Demetrick Pennie says social media needs to change to prevent mass violent incidents
25 Sep 2017
The Daily Wire
FLASHBACK: NFL Banned Teams From Honoring Murdered Cops; Threatened Players Honoring 9/11
18 Aug 2017
Left Vilifies Trump as World Burns - By Larry Klayman
4 Aug 2017
SE Texas Record
Dallas police sergeant files suit against social media companies over terrorist group usage
26 Jul 2017 (Subscription required)
Section 230 Of The CDA Must Align With The 21st Century - By Demetrick Pennie
25 Jul 2017
Shreveport Times
A look at Chief Crump's crime-fighting initiatives
21 Jul 2017 (Subscription required)
Cop Rips Into Twitter, Others In Suit Over Dallas Shooting
7 Jul 2017
NY Daily News
Social media sites must stop terrorists from encouraging violence, says Dallas police sergeant
17 Jan 2017
Fox News
Dallas cop sues social media companies for allegedly helping influence police shooter
22 Oct 2016
News 5 Cleveland
Cleveland police union president blasts Hillary Clinton over Black Lives Matter meeting
21 Oct 2016
The Columbus Dispatch
Black Lives pair meets with Hillary Clinton in Cleveland
16 Oct 2016
CBS Dallas/Ft. Worth
Browns Player Donates First Game Pay To Fallen Officers
5 Oct 2016
Rover Radio
Cop suing Black Lives Matter, Obama for $500,000,000 - full interview
26 Sep 2016
The Blaze
VIDEO: Tomi Lahren interviews Sgt. Pennie and his attorney Larry Klayman
26 Sep 2016
Judge Compares Dallas Cop Suing Black Lives Matter to a 'Slave'
23 Sep 2016
Freedom Watch
Sgt. Pennie and Larry Klayman ask court for emergency hearing over death threats
22 Sep 2016
Larry Klayman: Stop 'Race War' By Stopping Groups' Funding
22 Sep 2016
Fox News
VIDEO INTERVIEW: 'Starting a Race War': Dallas PD Sgt. Suing 'Black Lives,' Obama, Clinton, Sharpton
22 Sep 2016
VIDEO: Dallas cop sues Black Lives Matter
21 Sep 2016
The Hill
Lawyer claims death threats after anti-Black Lives Matter lawsuit
18 Sep 2016
Fox News
Dallas cop files lawsuit against Black Lives Matter, Obama
16 Sep 2016
Dallas Morning News
Dallas police sergeant files federal suit accusing Black Lives Matter leaders of inciting anti-cop violence
16 Sep 2016
Black Dallas Cop Sues Black Lives Matter, Soros for Inciting Race War
16 Sep 2016
Freedom Watch
Press release and complaint for Black Lives Matter lawsuit
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