Statement of Sgt. Demetrick Pennie to law enforcement agencies
This letter is not intended for media dissemination. I am writing to inform all of my law enforcement brothers and sisters why I took legal action this past week. I am acting individually and not on behalf of the Dallas Police Department.

Last Friday, I joined in a lawsuit to try to end the needless and unprovoked physical violence against police officers and other law enforcement officials across the nation. Over the last two years, we have witnessed an unprecedented increase of violence against law enforcement that has been facilitated by government officials and community activists. Based on this growing trend, law enforcement officers have become increasingly afraid to do their jobs because of the uncertainty of how they will be treated following use-of-force encounters. I believe that you (LEOs) should not have to look over your shoulders and walk on eggshells just to do your job. It's dangerous, and second-guessing a threat could cost you your life.

We cannot allow people, especially those we call leaders, to be the very ones advocating and stoking violence against law enforcement professionals, or even acting passively as if nothing is wrong. There are no political or financial agendas associated with my position, however I do want to hold those accountable that have promoted violence against the profession. I understand the associated risks of what I am doing, but I am not afraid nor will I be intimidated by those who disagree with my position. I am willing and ready to fight for what I believe in, plain and simple!

The First Amendment of the U.S. Constitution gives us the right to petition the government for a redress of grievances and that includes the right to file suit in a court of law. I am now exercising that God-given right as expressed in the U.S. Constitution, and I am confident that I, and thus all of us, will prevail based on the evidence in the case. In fact, what I seek to do is to peacefully remedy the terrible and dangerous situation that we now find ourselves in today.

With your support, I pray that we will be able to preserve the integrity of this nation and foster a sense of tolerance that "We the People" can enjoy for generations to come. In light of recent tragedies and violent riots across the country, I have idly waited for a leader to emerge to condemn the behaviors, but it has yet to happen. That's why I have put myself in front of this issue to declare that "enough is enough!" The conditions that officers are forced to work under are literally getting them killed and these conditions not only impact law enforcement, but also the community at large. For all of the law-abiding citizens that support law enforcement, please know that we love you and nothing will deter us from working to keep you safe in your own communities. In the meantime, law enforcement officers rely on your training and always govern your actions based on the good faith doctrine.


God bless you, your family and God bless America!

Sgt. Demetrick Pennie

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